Earth and Environmental Science

A study of the formation, evolution, and monitoring of the physical landscape – past, present, and future.


Dining Services

High-quality food including local products within a friendly atmosphere – all with a focus on sustainable practices.


Environmental Writing and Media Studies

Explore modes of self-expression and master techniques necessary to advocate for the environment in order to produce compelling media.



Participation and involvement in sports and recreation are integral elements of Unity College.


Environmental Policy

Giving students the tools and knowledge needed to improve the environmental health of both humans and the natural world.


Career Services

We help you explore and identify your strengths, values and interests in order to prepare you for your future career.


In the Middle of Everywhere

Unity College’s unique location makes environmental experiential learning easy, which is why we are America’s Environmental College.


Women’s Soccer

Allison Perna’s “Unit on Three” is a heartfelt video homage to the Unity College Women’s Soccer team.


The Unity College Bear Study

Multi-year bear study involving both faculty and students, and includes trapping, tracking, and the attachment of a video camera.


Sustainable Energy Management

Develop talents and skills as applied scientists, entrepreneurs and business managers in the fields of energy efficiency and renewable energy.


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Gain foundational knowledge of cellular, organismal, and ecological aspects of biology necessary for any type of career in the field.


Unity College Center for the Performing Arts

Hosting world-renowned performers, award winning speakers, and memorable community gatherings.


Learning Resource Center

Providing the support and services necessary for all enrolled students to enhance their academic achievements.


Adventure Therapy

A specialized field of psychology that uses outdoor adventure to promote interpersonal, social and psychological wellness and change.


In Winter

Allison Perna ’14 presents her video “Our Place: The Final Product of My Internship with Sebasticook Regional Land Trust.”


The Quimby Library

The library houses a collection of more than 50,000 volumes and subscribes to more than 400 scholarly and general-interest periodicals.


The Rockweed Study

An increase in harvesting pressure raises concerns about the impact rockweed harvesting might have on the rocky intertidal community.


Real World Internships

Internships are an integral part of the learning experience. To date, the program has supported 160 internships in 25 countries.


Student Life

Where you’re never a stranger, we all look out for each other, and there is ALWAYS something to do.


Green Jobs and the New Economy

Highly skilled innovators are in demand from green economy employers, according to a recent Brookings Institution report.


Marine Biology

The Marine Biology program provides dedicated, engaged students with specialized knowledge of marine organisms and marine ecosystems.


Environmental Majors

Our programs prepare students for a world in which the environment as well as the job market is rapidly changing.


Conservation Law Enforcement

Active classroom and laboratory experiences that focus on exciting topics such as marine and wildlife law and crime scene investigation.


Parks and Forest Resources

Preparing students with a comprehensive look at land management, with particular attention to forests and parks.


Adventure-Based Education

Adventure-Based Environmental Education students explore, plan, practice and promote action-oriented programs, reshaping education for the future of the environment.


Hemlock Ecosystem Management Study

HEMS is a multi-year study of how the loss of eastern hemlock trees affects ecosystems and people in Maine.



Students who participate in research have higher graduation rates and are twice as likely to consider earning their Ph.D.


Art and the Environment

The Art and the Environment program prepares graduates to be authentic artists who literally change the way people see environmental issues.


Sustainability Science Mission

Within the framework of sustainability science, Unity College provides a liberal arts education that emphasizes the environment and natural resources.


Alumni Stories

Our alumni are changing the world. Stories about extraordinary people engaged in important endeavors.


The Nova Experience

Nova trips are designed to support the transition to Unity College life by emphasizing personal growth, building social connections, and promoting environmental stewardship.


Captive Wildlife Care and Education

For students interested in the care of wild species in captivity and education of the public concerning conservation issues.


The Leonard R. Craig Gallery

Artist Kenny Cole Sugar at the UCCPA Leonard R. Craig Gallery.


Let us get to know you

Fill out our inquiry form and we will send you information about the programs that interest you.


Let us get to know you

Fill out our inquiry form and we will send you information about the programs that interest you.



Unity College offers a wide variety of social, cultural, athletic, and educational opportunities that appeal to diverse interests.


Wildlife Biology

For students who are serious about researching the biology and habitats of our free-ranging wild mammals and birds.


Sustainable Agriculture

Designed to prepare students for careers in sustainable agriculture and food systems, working to build healthy communities.


Visiting Unity

We welcome and encourage you to visit our campus and discover what makes Unity such a unique and extraordinary college.


Secondary Education

Using the local environment and the broader world, students acquire the knowledge and skills to become excellent secondary science teachers.


Women’s Environmental Leadership Program

This program educates and empowers female students to become socially conscious environmental stewards and proactive members of the community.


Research Barn

The recent introduction of animals to the College is an extension of the campus-wide method of experiential learning.


Northstar Leadership Program

Develop and enhance a personal philosophy of leadership that includes an understanding of self, group, and community.


Muddy Boots and Open Minds

Students share why they chose Unity College.


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Wildlife and Fisheries Management

Provides a broad interdisciplinary knowledge base for environmental leaders while integrating quantitative skills with social sciences and communications.


Leadership Programs

Opportunity for students to develop and enhance a leadership philosophy that includes understanding of one’s self and the community.


Community-Based Learning

Work alongside professionals, private citizens and local leaders to identify and implement real solutions to real issues.


Residence Halls

TerraHaus is the first certified passive house residence hall in America. 


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Winter Greens Production Feasibility Study

Working with local farmers at our field station, students test methods for the production of greens in the winter.


The Outdoor Adventure Center

Adventure and outdoor experiences help individuals discover and grow.


Honors Program

The Unity College Honors Program offers an engaging challenge for academically talented and motivated students from all academic disciplines.


The Wellness Center

Health and counseling services as well as opportunities for students to participate in healthy activities.